AI Writers: Our Evaluation

Here are the parameters we consider when evaluating essay writing AI tools:

  • Content quality. The texts must be coherent and without errors. They must meet the prompt requirements.
  • Customization. Often, you need to try different prompts to reach the best results. We test AI writers’ flexibility in tone and style.
  • Originality. We check the content for plagiarism and look if the claims are supported and the sources ‒ properly cited.
  • Usability. A decent AI tool should be more than efficient. It should be user-friendly. We evaluate how comfortable it is to use a service.
  • Cost. Many AI services offer different payment plans. We compare the quality-price ratio.
  • Privacy and Data Security. A reliable platform gives its users data protection guarantees.
  • Customer Support. We check if the customer support team is responsive and attentive to its client’s needs.

All these elements combine into a comprehensive analysis of each AI service.

AI Writers Instead of Traditional Services: Is It Worth it?

AI chatbots have conquered our media space by storm. It seems that AI can do anything. A valid question arises: Can you use AI to write an essay? The short answer is “Yes.” However, there are nuances to consider before committing to something.

AI writers can generate content quickly. It can be essays, too. You may provide the necessary details and get a decent enough result. However, these essays crumble under closer inspection. Usually, AI creates unoriginal or biased texts.

At the same time, traditional human writers provide you with a high-quality academic piece. It takes longer, but the results are plagiarism-free papers and peace of mind when you submit them.

Let's Weigh the Perks and Shortcomings of AI


  • ✅ Lightning-quick writing.
  • ✅ Low prices and occasionally free trials.
  • ✅ Convenience and versatility.


  • ❌ Lower than average quality.
  • ❌ Dubious credibility.
  • ❌ High plagiarism probability.

AI writers are a quick and accessible solution for small and minor tasks. Yet, they may fall flat when they have to process a complex prompt.

Now, What About Human Services' Pros and Cons?


  • ✅ High-quality texts.
  • ✅ Following academic integrity principles.
  • ✅ Proven credibility.
  • ✅ Readiness to tackle complex tasks.


  • ❌ Higher prices.
  • ❌ Deadlines within hours or even days.
  • ❌ Possible revisions.

Yet, if you use a trustworthy platform, you will get an A-worthy essay.

What Does the Above Lead Us To?

Some students try to cover a short assignment or an academic debt with an AI-written text. With some polishing and research, you can have a decent enough essay.

However, dealing even with the best essay writing AI is a bit of a gamble. You cannot be sure everything that AI has generated is trustworthy, including the cited sources. Therefore, you should apply for traditional writing services to be completely confident in the results.

It may take time or even a revision, but you can be sure that the final product will be legit and acceptable in your educational institution.

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