Here you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about using our platform. Whether you’re a first-time user or a seasoned business owner, we hope these answers will help you navigate our marketplace with ease and confidence. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team for further assistance.


What Can I Sell?

You can sell almost anything related to business on our marketplace! We have digital assets, online businesses, brick-and-mortar stores, job offers, and services for sale. Our online business section includes lots of cool stuff like websites, apps, social groups, and eCommerce platforms. There are plenty of options to choose from!

My business is not making any money, can I still list it on your site?

Yes, you can list your business on our site, regardless of whether it is currently generating revenue or not. 

Is it allowed to advertise my services or business on your platform?

Yes, it is. We have a designated section called “Jobs and Services” where individuals and companies can promote their services and businesses. You are welcome to post your advertisement in this section and connect with potential customers who are searching for the services that you offer.

How Much Does it Cost to Sell?

All of our postings are completely free. However, if you want to improve the visibility of your ad, you can upgrade it for a small fee. These upgrades are completely optional, but they can greatly enhance your ad’s reach and visibility.

How long does it take to sell?

We’ve seen businesses sell as quickly as 48 hours! The selling time greatly depends on the price and category of the business, so there is no single answer.

How should I price my business?

Here are some general sales timeframes you can expect: for businesses under $100K, it often takes around 1 month to sell; for businesses between $100K to $250K, it usually takes around 3 months to sell; for businesses between $250K to $1M, it usually takes around 4 months to sell; and for businesses over $1M, the selling process can take anywhere from 4 months to a few years.

When it comes to pricing your business, the valuation is based on a multiple of earnings depending on the size of the business. For small businesses, the earnings multiple is applied to Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE), while for larger businesses, the multiple is applied to Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization (EBITDA). To differentiate between small and large businesses, our approximate cutoff is an SDE of $1,000,000.

SDE is calculated by adding the owner’s compensation and perks to EBITDA. This provides a better understanding of all the owner benefits available to the new owner of the business. Due to SDE being a larger number than EBITDA, the earnings multiple applied to SDE is usually less than the multiple applied to EBITDA.

If your business generates revenue, a simple way to determine the selling price is by taking the average of the net profit earned over the past 12 months and multiplying it by a multiple ranging from 20X to 60X.

If this sounds confusing and you prefer a quick and easy valuation, there are various online valuation tools available that you can use. Here’s a tool you can check out:

Is it okay to list my business for sale on other platforms while it’s listed on yours?

Absolutely! We have no problem with that. In fact, many of the businesses listed on our platform are also listed on other platforms simultaneously.


Can I see the URL of the website?

It’s ultimately up to the seller to decide whether or not they want to share their website’s URL publicly. Some sellers display the website URL, and some do not. If there is no URL on the listing, simply contact the seller to ask if you can see their website. We usually advise sellers to keep it private in order to prevent (potential) buyers from facing unnecessary competition.

Our marketplace attracts a large number of visitors, including some who are looking for profitable niches and websites that they can copy. Although some websites have a strong market presence and are difficult to compete against, others are still in the early stages of their development and require some time to establish themselves before being ready to face direct competition.

Am I able to contact the seller of the business?

Yes, you can contact the seller directly to ask any questions you may have about the business. Our marketplace offers various ways to get in touch with the seller, such as phone, email, or chat. If you cannot find the seller’s phone number, it may be because they have chosen not to include it. However, you can still use other available contact methods to communicate with the seller and obtain the information you require.

Does your service include due diligence reports?

No, we do not offer any due diligence reports. Please note that we do not conduct any vetting or manual checks on the businesses listed on our platform. Therefore, it is the buyer’s responsibility to conduct their own due diligence on any business they are interested in purchasing.

We are more than happy to suggest due diligence partners who can assist you in this process. Please refer to our “Partners” page for more information.

How is a business’ sale price determined on your platform?

We do not determine the sale price for businesses listed on our platform. The sellers themselves determine what they believe is a fair price. It is common for sellers to consider offers below their listed price, so we encourage buyers to contact sellers and inquire about the possibility of negotiating a lower price. However, it is important to note that some sellers may have a non-negotiable price for their business, which will be stated in their ad.

Posting Ads

What are some tips for writing a great listing description?

To write the best listing description, consider these tips:

A Hero Paragraph: The first paragraph should be a brief, attention-grabbing introduction to the business. Highlight the most compelling features of the business, including any unique selling points.

Clarifying Questions and Answers: Including clarifying questions and answers can help potential buyers to quickly understand the business and its operations. These can include questions about the business model, financials, products or services offered, and more.

Correct Spelling and Complete Sentences: It’s important to ensure that the listing is well-written, easy to read, and grammatically accurate. Avoid using excessive capitalization or too many exclamation points, as this can make the listing appear unprofessional.

A Clear and High-Quality Image: Including a clear and high-quality image associated with the business can help to attract potential buyers and give them a better idea of what the business looks like.

By following these tips, you can create a compelling listing description that will catch the attention of potential buyers and help you to sell your business more effectively.

Can I edit my posting?

Yes, you can easily edit your ad. Simply log in to your account and navigate to “My Listings” page where you will be able to see all of your listings. From there, you can edit, delete, promote or mark your listing as sold.

Can I cancel my listing?

Yes, you can cancel your listing at any time.

Simply log in to your account and navigate to the “My Listings” page where you will be able to see all of your listings. From there, you can edit, delete, promote or mark your listing as sold.

What is the Featured Listing?

Enhance your BizCanyon listing by opting for our Featured promotion. With this premium service, your ad will gain maximum visibility and attract more views. Here’s how it works:

Stand Out on the Homepage

By choosing the Featured promotion, your ad will appear at the top of BizCanyon’s homepage. This prime position ensures that every visitor to the homepage will see your ad right away. We rotate the featured ads, so each time the page is reloaded, users will encounter different ads. This guarantees equal exposure for all featured ads.

Highlighted in Search Results

Not only will your ad be prominently displayed on the homepage, but it will also stand out in the search results. When users browse BizCanyon, your featured ad will be at the top of the listing pages. This strategic placement ensures that every user who opens the page will immediately notice your ad, providing you with significantly more exposure compared to our regular listings.

What is Bumped Up Listing?

The Bump Up feature is designed to give your ad a visibility boost on BizCanyon. By pushing your ad to the top of the first page, it ensures that more people see it. Here’s how it works:

Bump Up refreshes old ads, making them appear new and captivating.

Your ad, currently positioned on a lower page (e.g., page 5), will be moved back to the first page. Being on the top page guarantees better exposure within your ad’s category and searches.

Your ad will stay at the top for up to 7 days or until another BizCanyon ad is posted or bumped up. As new ads are posted, your ad will gradually shift down due to the continuous rotation. However, in keyword-based searches and specific areas/categories, the effects of a Bump Up can have a lasting impact. The Bump Up feature resets the post date of your ad but it doesn’t extend the overall life of your ad. For longer-lasting prominence, consider the Featured promotion.