Top 10 Best AI Essay Writing Tools in 2024

Technology is racing forward at unprecedented rates and AI is taking the world by storm. AI writing tools are quickly becoming popular among students and professional writers. Based on the use of advanced machine learning and natural language processing techniques, AI writing assistants and essay writers can provide value by streamlining time-consuming tasks.

Now, students can overcome writer’s block and complete assignments on time with different AI essay writing tools. These assistants offer different instruments that will help students on every stage of essay writing assignments. In my blog, I’ll help you discover the best AI essay writing tools on the market to pick the ones that suit your needs. Ready to find your perfect match? Let’s go!

What is an AI Essay Writer

AI essay writers are specially designed tools that employ machine learning technologies and artificial intelligence to generate coherent and human-like essays. Most of these tools include features that allow users to generate complete essays from scratch based on prompts. Other functions enable them to create logical outlines, conduct research, create citations, and format texts according to academic guidelines. These features considerably simplify the essay writing process by saving time for users and leaving room to focus their efforts on refining their texts. Such a benefit is important for students who are dealing with multiple assignments and want to avoid burnout.

How to Find the Best AI Writing Tool

Finding an AI writing tool that suits a particular student’s needs requires consideration of several factors. A potential choice of an AI writing assistant has to include features crucial for generating compelling essays. So, students want to look for an AI writing tool that:

  • Generates topic sentences — the ability to create a strong foundation for an essay is important. That is why an AI writer has to generate compelling topic sentences;
  • Writes conclusions — conclusions restate thesis statements and summarize important points within essays. AI writing tool has to craft conclusions that seamlessly integrate with previous parts of essays;
  • Accepts prompts and keywords — customization of instructions is crucial for generating compelling essays, and an AI essay generator should allow users to provide specific instructions in their prompts;
  • Produces unique, logical drafts — the ability to create unique yet coherent essays determines the quality of generated content, meaning that an AI writer needs to combine research into logical and plagiarism-free text;
  • Has an available free trial — users should be able to test-run their potential picks for AI writing tools. A free or trial version of an instrument is important to learn more about its functions before making a purchasing decision.

Advantages of Using an AI Essay Writer

AI essay writers can provide students with several important benefits. Here is a list of some of the most important advantages that high-quality AI writing tools can provide to users:

  1. Saves time — generating full essays via prompts in a matter of minutes saves students time to focus their attention on tasks and allows them to focus efforts on refining their assignments;
  2. Provides outlines and structure — AI writers can generate topic-specific outlines that can be used to structure one’s ideas and ensure that every aspect of the essay is explored fully;
  3. Generates ideas — these tools allow students to create several drafts to potentially find new ideas for covering their topics from different perspectives;
  4. Checks for logical flow — AI writers are trained to maintain a logical flow throughout generated content to ensure readability and coherence;
  5. Catches plagiarism — content generated by AI essay writers is usually plagiarism-free, and these tools have built-in plagiarism detectors to ensure that texts are original.

Top AI Writing Tools of 2024 is one of the top AI-powered essay writing platforms that is customized to assist users with generating high-quality academic content. This tool can provide value to students in a number of ways. The platform’s features include AI essay writer, outline generator, text summarizer, and research assistant. Users can also paraphrase, expand, or simplify parts of essays to customize texts according to their needs. ensures high accessibility to its services through a forever-free plan, while its subscription plans are well within an average student’s budget limits. pros

  • Access to an extensive research database with more than 215 million papers;
  • Unprecedented customization and personalization of content through several generation settings;
  • AI writing tool uses scholarly sources from open databases that can be downloaded as PDFs and cited;
  • has a built-in plagiarism detector, ensuring that the content generated is 100% plagiarism-free;
  • A personal library that allows users to upload their own articles to be used in AI research and generation of content. cons

  • requires a minute to generate a full essay;
  • Free version sets a limit of 550 AI words per day. pricing offers two subscription plans for its users. Pro plan costs $16.99 per month and allows users to generate up to 2,750 AI words per day. Unlimited plan costs $19.99 per month with no limits to generation. Both plans provide full access to the personal source library.


Jasper is known as one of the most effective writing assistants because it is based on natural language processing technology. It is more general with its target audience, allowing users to generate various types of content such as blog posts, essays, marketing texts, etc. Jasper’s versatility and usefulness quickly gathered its own audience due to its large number of use cases. This AI writer can quickly generate large texts, making it a great option for people who are dealing with multiple tasks or assignments at once.

Jasper pros

  • Multilingual support with more than 30 languages to choose from;
  • No limits to the number of words available for generating, regardless of the selected plan;
  • Conversational essay writing provides users with a fresh and personalized generation experience;
  • The platform can generate large texts considerably faster than the majority of competitors;
  • Jasper has a Copyscape-powered plagiarism detector that ensures that content generated with it is plagiarism-free.

Jasper cons

  • It is required to write highly detailed prompts for Jasper to produce compelling content;
  • Sentences in longer texts can become repetitive, which requires additional editing.

Jasper pricing

In terms of pricing, Jasper is on the more affordable side of the spectrum with a free plan available. Premium plan costs $7.99 per month with a yearly subscription option of $39.92. is a versatile AI writing tool that allows users to generate a variety of types of content. It has numerous templates for texts such as Facebook ads, blog posts, cover letters, and essays. Its list of templates covers more than 90 use cases. also works just like other chatbots, as users input their instructions and the AI generates results. While it does not have an academic essay template, it is possible to generate such an essay with the right instructions. pros

  • The platform supports more than 25 languages with its Pro plan, making it highly useful for writers with diverse backgrounds;
  • Users can select a specific tone to be used during the generation process, which results in high customization potential;
  • It is possible to effectively brainstorm ideas with, as it can generate ideas based on user prompts;
  • Built-in document editor allows users to create and edit texts without exiting the platform;
  • Ability to create creative and high-quality personal essays makes it a good platform for creative writers. cons

  • Sometimes, this platform generates awkward or random content, meaning that it is required to pay attention when using it;
  • Users should perform fact-checking when generating content that requires factual information to be used. pricing offers users a free plan and several subscription plans:

  • Pro — $36 per month;
  • Team — $186 per month;
  • Growth — $1,000 per month,
  • Expansion — $2,000 per month;
  • Scale — $3,000 per month.


Essay-Builder.AI is an online platform powered by AI that allows users to generate essays quickly. Its workflow is easy to follow. The user selects the essay type, enters a number of words, and AI generates text. This convenience is one of the reasons why Essay-Builder.AI has become a popular writing tool among students. Company states that all of the content generated by their platform is correct and plagiarism-free, making it more appealing. All-in-all, Essay-Builder.AI is a good choice for students who want to generate essays quickly and effortlessly.

Essay-Builder.AI pros

  • Users gain access to more than 12 essay types and tones, achieving high degree of customization for generated content;
  • The tool is easily accessible and convenient in use, which does not require additional effort from the user;
  • The platform generates essays consistently and quickly, resulting in time saving;
  • Customizable prompt options provide users with enhanced capabilities to adjust generated content according to their needs;
  • This tool provides the ability to generate academic citations through a subscription plan.

Essay-Builder.AI cons

  • Similarly to a lot of other AI tools, content generated by this platform can lack depth, especially in terms of academic research;
  • Free version does not allow users to add scholarly sources or citations to generated essays.

Essay-Builder.AI pricing

This platform allows users to generate essays for free. Unlimited plan costs $5 per month while the Yearly plan is $39 per year.


HiveMind is a rather different AI tool. It is focused mainly on assisting with project management tasks. HiveMind allows users to cooperate on projects, take notes, and use AI to generate content. The power of this tool lies in its ability to kickstart a project as a user can create project tasks, generate plans, and streamline workflows. The important thing is the fact that HiveMind is a part of a Hive, a larger ecosystem of project management tools that are tailored to enhance cooperative activities.

HiveMind pros

  • AI writing notes tool allows users to input a prompt and receive content for the majority of marketing-oriented types of content;
  • Users gain access to action card generation, which can be used to generate suggestions for steps required to complete tasks or projects;
  • With AI imagery, HiveMind users can also generate images based on a prompt, which further improves the tool’s value for marketing purposes;
  • Balanced integration of AI text generation technology with communication tools makes HiveMind highly useful for small and medium-sized teams;
  • HiveMind is part of Hive’s larger ecosystem of instruments that provides users with a comprehensive toolset for project management.

HiveMind cons

  • HiveMind is primarily a project management tool, AI writing assistant is only a secondary function, meaning that it is not perfectly refined;
  • Texts generated by this tool are easily detectable with instruments such as, making it unfit for creating academic content.

HiveMind pricing

Platform has a forever-free plan with 2 workplace members and unlimited notes generation, along with other features. The team plan costs $12/month per user and comes with additional integrations. Enterprise plan has everything the Team plan has with added features for larger teams.


Founded in 2021, Rytr is an AI-powered writing tool that can be used to generate different types of content such as introductions, blog outlines, SEO meta descriptions, long and short-form blogs/articles, emails, and more. Users can also generate academic essays with this tool through the proper use of detailed prompts. Its main target audience is freelance writers, marketing professionals, and business owners. That is why it is required to consider this fact when considering using Rytr to generate essays.

Rytr pros

  • This platform has a large number of use cases, making it a useful tool for generating various types of written content;
  • Users can try to improve separate sentences and paragraphs or completely rephrase them, resulting in high customization of content;
  • Built-in plagiarism detector ensures that content generated with Rytr is plagiarism-free, which is important for students;
  • The platform can generate three variations of a text based on prompts provided by users, offering several options to choose from;
  • Rytr has a convenient UI, making it easy to navigate and use, resulting in a comfortable workflow.

Rytr cons

  • Long-form content generated by this platform can become repetitive and lack in depth;
  • It offers no other additional features for students other than AI text generation.

Rytr pricing

Users can access platform features for free. The Save plan costs $9 per month and expands the number of AI symbols generated along with custom use case creation. Unlimited plan costs $29 per month, removes AI symbol generation limits, offers a dedicated account manager, and provides priority support. is another AI essay writer that was designed specifically for students. As one of the more specialized entries on this list, this platform has several features that will be useful for students. The list includes essay templates, a grammar checker, a research assistance tool, and a citation finder. These and other instruments are tailored to ensure that content generated by adheres to the principle of academic integrity. Therefore, its list of features is focused on streamlining students’ essay writing process. pros

  • This platform uses advanced algorithms to ensure that all AI-generated essays are free of plagiarism;
  • AI writer generates essays in less than a minute, which means that student has time to tweak the content according to their needs;
  • Essay writer tool is customizable, allowing users to select an academic level, number of pages and sources, and provide additional instructions;
  • The platform is equipped with additional features to streamline the essay writing process such as a text paraphraser, citation finder, and grammar checker;
  • The interface is easy to navigate and use, ensuring a smooth generation process. cons

  • The tool lacks in-depth analytical capabilities when it comes to advanced disciplines;
  • Writing style adaptability is rather limited, requiring proofreading and editing. pricing has a free plan without access to advanced features. Premium plan costs $7.99 per month and allows users to generate up to 2,000 words with 100 essays monthly. A yearly Premium subscription provides the same benefits along with no limitations on a number of essays.


AI-Writer is an essay writing platform that helps users with creating various types of written content. The company claims that all the content generated by this tool is unique and relevant to users’ requests. The list of use cases for AI-Writer is large and includes text generation for purposes such as research, education, entertainment, marketing, and more. It is also possible to rephrase articles, generate subtopics, and publish texts to WordPress. Finally, AI-Writer is able to cite the content it uses, making it especially useful for students to maintain academic integrity.

AI-Writer pros

  • The platform is easy to navigate and use, offering high level of convenience when working with the tool;
  • AI-Writer includes all the research sources it uses as well as cites them in MLA format, making it useful for students who need to perform research;
  • The tool can generate both short and long-form content, resulting a large number of use cases;
  • Text rewording feature can be useful for students who want to ensure that their texts are unique;
  • Content is generated quickly, proving useful for people who work with tight deadlines.

AI-Writer cons

  • The tool does not provide any unique features unavailable in other services that would justify high subscription costs;
  • Content requires editing and proofreading to ensure that it meets users’ expectations.

AI-Writer pricing

The platform provides users with a free trial. The Basic plan costs $29 per month and allows users to generate up to 40 articles. Standard plan comes at $49 per month and its users can generate up to 120 articles. Power plan costs $375 per month with the article generation limit moved up to 1,000.


ChatGPT is one of the most popular AI tools on the market. It popularized AI and made it available to a broad audience. This chatbot has a variety of use cases ranging from brainstorming ideas to generating content, making it useful for students and writers alike. Depending on the prompt used, ChatGPT can come up with different essays that require creativity or research. It is based on the GPT model that is used by the majority of AI essay writing tools available on the market.

ChatGPT pros

  • A wide range of use cases makes ChatGPT exceptionally useful for people who work with different types of written content;
  • Chatbot interface allows users to specify their prompts as much as needed, ensuring a high degree of content customization;
  • The platform generates text fast, meaning that it provides the benefit of time-saving for students;
  • ChatGPT is learning based on context, allowing students to lead the chatbot to generate the required responses;
  • The tool generates grammatically correct texts, eliminating the need to perform checks for typos.

ChatGPT cons

  • Sometimes, ChatGPT gets “stuck” and generates repetitive content despite instructions;
  • The platform is known to make up facts, which requires users to double-check the content generated by it.

ChatGPT pricing

The free plan provides users access to the GPT-3.5 model. The Plus subscription costs $20 per month while offering the GPT-4 model along with DALL.E. The Team subscription costs $25 per person/month and gives access to collaborative tools along with all the benefits offered by the Plus plan. is an AI essay writing tool that is designed to generate and customize users’ essays. The list of its features includes AI essay generator, outline generator, paraphrasing tool, grammar checker, and plagiarism detector. Users can also brainstorm ideas and receive contextual suggestions to further improve their content. These instruments make particularly useful for students who want to streamline their essay writing process. All-in-all, it is a balanced AI writer that is easy to access and use. pros

  • The tool was designed to generate content for students with different academic levels;
  • The interface is user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and use;
  • The instrument ensures content uniqueness through a built-in plagiarism checker;
  • All the tools on this platform are designed to streamline the essay writing process, thus saving time;
  • Users can access 24/7 support in case there is a need for assistance. cons

  • Free version features are severely limited in comparison to paid plans;
  • Sometimes, the platform will provide users with generic content that lacks depth. pricing

The platform provides a free trial plan for its users. The Basic plan costs $9.99 per month and includes AI writer/outliner. The Pro plan costs $14.99 per month and gives access to all the tools. Advanced plan is annual and offers the same benefits as Pro plan.


All the AI essay writing tools featured in this list offer excellent value for students. Some of them are specifically tailored to assist on every step of the essay writing process while others are more general. In terms of usefulness, students should try out AI essay writers to find the one that suits them best. After all, every entry on this list offers tools that can be used to one’s advantage but additional features that can really make a difference require a subscription. That is why it is important to select an AI writing tool with a perfect balance of instruments and an acceptable price for a person’s wallet.

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